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Grow your company through flexible working

Flexible working isn't a new concept but personally I think it's definitely one of those phrases that divides opinions and raises a number of sceptical eyebrows.

I believe in it wholeheartedly, and that's not just because of the benefits that it brings to parents but because I believe that companies have so much to gain by adopting flexible working practices, whatever they may be.

For all too long, flexible working has been viewed very one sidedly, that it's simply something that benefits the employee, but this just is not the case. This blog explores just some of the many benefits that flexible working can bring to businesses of all sizes:

* Value for money

For many SMEs and start-ups, recruiting new staff is both a risk and a huge cost. Many businesses need the expertise of senior and executive level staff but can't stretch to the budget associated with hiring someone at this level. Recruiting an experienced person on a part time or flexible basis ensures that a business can gain the skill set they need at a fraction of the cost of employing an equally as skilled individual on a full time basis- how's that for value for money?

* Gain a competitive edge through some serious experience

There are hundreds of truly talented individuals in Gloucestershire looking for rewarding and challenging work but for a number of reasons, either they can't or they don't wish to work full time. Companies who ignore these individuals because they want flexible work will really be missing out on exceptional talent that could make them stand out from the rest of the competition. Just think about the skills, knowledge and wealth of experience that these professionals will bring. What's even better is that these employees will have been trained up at another business' cost- you can then exploit this and truly reap the rewards by recruiting this outstanding talent.

* Enjoy increased employee morale, commitment and loyalty to your organisation

Studies show that those employees who are empowered to work flexibly by their employer demonstrate a great depth of loyalty and commitment to the company. As they are given the freedom to work the hours that let them live the way they need to, they will also have greater morale- contributing to a much happier and positive company culture.

* Reduce staff turnover

If your staff are happier to be at work and more committed to your organisation, then the likelihood is that they won't be tempted to move elsewhere, helping your business to enjoy a lower (and much less expensive) level of employee turnover.

* Access a more diverse pool of talent

It is widely believed that companies who fail to adopt flexible working practices suffer some serious diversity issues, especially in more senior roles. Offering flexible working will give you access to a much wider pool of candidates, therefore ensuring that you close any kind of diversity gap that exists in your company.

* You will develop a reputation as an employer of choice within Gloucestershire

If your staff regard you highly, they will be sure to tell other people. News travels fast and before you know it, candidates will be seeking you out and your recruitment issues will be a thing of the past.

Flexperience has a pool of candidates who love what we are doing in championing the benefits of part time and flexible working and who are looking for companies who are forward thinking and open minded. Our candidates have an average of 16 years solid work experience and many of them have held senior level roles. We support all sectors and a really wide range of job roles. For more information or to find out how Flexperience can assist you in your flexible working practices, please contact Rebecca on 07825 183718 or

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